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Event Video

Create Videos Which Compel People To Come, Attend, And Engage

Have an upcoming event you want to highlight, pitch, or advertise? Skip the run-of-the-mill paper or electronic invites and send a video invite instead! KaStudio, the best event video production company in Frankfurt capture the entire experience of your event – from the people that put it together to attendees and speakers, exterior and interior creative shots, to drone footage. Whether it’s a press conference, symposium, seminar, or conference for your association, business or organization, KaStudio, Frankfurt’s best event video production company, has got you covered. Our high skilled videographers shoot footage nationwide to produce your corporate conference video for clients.  Our highly respected team of trusted videographers capture your conference or event in such a way that presents your company, organization or association with utmost professionalism. From single camera quiet coverage to a multi-camera live video webcast, KaStudio will solve your live event video production needs.

Realize Your Unique Business Vision With KaStudio’s Event Videography

Backed by state-of- the-art technology and a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals, we leave no stones unturned in producing event videography content to meet your event's specific needs and requirements. With a mission to offer a top-notch video solution that efficiently captures your event's key moments, maximizes the filming potential and most of all deliver promptly, all while providing you phenomenal value for money, our team goes above and beyond in efficiently handling virtually any kind of live event and specializes in different complexities and nuances of an event. Leveraging years of experience and cutting-edge equipment, the skilled event videographers of KaStudio is to capture the essence of the event and showcasing the creativity and expertise of your business for bringing your gala, trade show, conference to life.

Create Sophisticated Imagery That Appeals To The Eyes & Ears

Conference Videos: Creating memorable highlight videos and snack-sized bits of content for social media can truly be a game-changer for companies and associations. 

Publicity Event Videos: Publicity events are vital to draw in a new audience and maintain them. With cutting-edge equipment, KaStudio gains the attention your leading stars need by utilizing the best video & sound equipment around, along with our up-to-date production knowledge. 

Exhibition Video Production: Capture exhibition video and equip yourself with video production services that display true corporate authenticity. By capturing exhibition footage and unique branding, we show off just what it is that you offer.

Meeting Video Production: Corporate meeting videos are a newer & improved way to relay several messages to your entire organization. We create meeting videos that are easy-to-understand for everyone.

Corporate Event Videos: Conferences or special events require attention - thriving corporations don’t just have one event, they have several, this is why it is vital to have documentation & alluring video that tells more than just a story. 

Whatever your event videography needs are, you can rest assured that we’ve been there, done that, and are ready to do it again, for you.

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